*Mike Davenport*

Name: Michael Sean Davenport
Date of Birth: 09/13/1968
Hometown: Santa Maria, CA, USA
Heigth: 1,87m
Colour of Eyes: sky blue
Colour of Hair: real colour: dishwater blonde
current colour: black, brown, blonde, whatever

Martial Status: two times married... "never again" (verbal postscript)
Instruments: Bass
The*Ataris-Member since: 1996
Favorite The*Ataris-Song: currently: The hero dies in this one
Favorite The*Ataris-Album: So long, Astoria
Favorite Band: Nirvana
Favorite Movie: all Kevin Smith movies
Favorite Book: Life after god (Douglas Copeland)
Favorite Videogame: Madden 2004 (NFL Football fool)
Favorite Food: Coffee (Starbucks)
Favorite Drink: Johnnie Walker & best friend
Your Motto: "Punk Rock is freedom"