*John Collura*

Name: John Collura
Date of Birth: 04/13/1972
Hometown: New York
Heigth: 1,78m
Colour of Eyes: brown
Colour of Hair: brown
Martial Status: not married
Instruments: Guitar
The*Ataris-Member since: June 2001
Favorite The*Ataris-Song: All you can ever learn... / The hero dies in this one
Favorite The*Ataris-Album: So long, Astoria
Favorite Band: Sick Of It All, Misfits, Quicksand, Fugazi, Iron Maiden
Favorite Movie: Goodfellas
Favorite Book: True story of Henry Hill
Favorite Videogame: Tiger Woods 2003 Playstation2
Favorite Food: Italian, Chinese, Thai, Sushi...whatever
Favorite Drink: Guinness
Your Motto: "Fate and Destiny will lead you"