*Interview with Kris Roe (2003)*

# First of all, can you introduce the band-members to the german fans ?
Kris Roe - 26 - Vocals & Guitar / very superstitous capricorn, Jan.12th 1977
Mike Davenport - 32 - Bass
Chris Knapp - 26 - Drums
John Collura - 31 - Guitar
# Since when do you make music ?
I started playing guitar when I was 10. I started writing songs when I was 15.
The Ataris formed when I was 19. Now I am 26.
# Since when do The*Ataris exist ?
see above.
# How did the band find together ?
I would record songs by myself on a personal home recorder.
I met our first drummer through The Vandals and moved to California to start the band.
# What was the idea of the band name ?
I used to collect Atari videogames when I was a kid.
# Do you play Atari or other classic videogames ? ?
I don't play videogames much at all anymore.
In my sparetime I like to write, travel and listen to music.
# What's your favorite game ?
Galaga, Tron and Dragon's Lair. Contra for Nintendo was also good.
# How would you describe your style of music ?
Emotionfilled Indie-Rock / Power-Pop. Similar to Foo Fighters, Jimmy Eat World, Nirvana, Descendents or Jawbreaker.
# What music do you hear ?
Cursive, Doves, Jets to Brazil, Pedro the Lion, Postal Service, The Replacements, The Clash.
# Which bands are The*Ataris influenced by ?
Jawbreaker, Sludgeworth, Samiam, The Replacements, All/Descendents
# Meanwhile you signed at Columbia Records.
What possibilities do you see for the band, and what will change ?

I feel now we can reach way more people and continue to do so on our own terms how we have always done in the past.
# Your new album "So long, Astoria" sounds very different.
Can you say a few words about the new album...

It is our most honest, most personal record to date.
It is about making good memories and trying to live life to its fullest and make the best of the time we all have while we are alive.
# What is your favorite Ataris-album, and what is your favorite Ataris-song ?
Album : So long, Astoria
Song: "The hero dies in this one" or "All you can ever learn..."
# Most of your songs are very emotional...about love, broken hearts...
Is it from your own experience ?

Everything I write is true and from the heart, although sometimes by th etime a record is released some songs may not have the same meaning, like some songs on "End is forever".
# Where do you prefer to play live, on big festivals or in small clubs ?
Small clubs - more personal and intimate, closer to our fans.
# Which bands would you like to tour with ?
Foo Fighters, The Strokes, Jane's Addiction.
# At the moment you are on world-tour. Is there still time for family and friends ?
It is hard to find balance in life sometimes but we do the best we can.
# Which countries are the best tour-places ?
Germany, Japan, U.K., Austalia.
# What would you do if you didn't make music ?
Fotography, write a book on travelling.
# Where do you see yourselves in 10 years ?
Taking the make-up off.
# What do you want to tell the german fans ?
We love you Germany. You are an excellent crowd.
You have a cool country and we hope to see you again soon.
Thanks for all the continued support.