*unopened letter to the world*

If I die tomorrow, would this song live on forever??
Here is my unopened letter to a world
that never shall reply.

From this second story window I can hear the church bells
calling out my name.  This table is set for one.
Even angels would be homesick for this forsaken town.

On random notes of parchment, I'm scrawling my existence,
dressed in white.  This candle radiates throughout the night
and it's never burning out.

From this second story window I can hear the children
down on main street.  They're singing their songs tonight.
In the shadows I will listen to their every movement.

Mr. Higginson, am I not good enough for the world?
Am I destined only to die the same way that I livedů
in seclusion.

From high upon this mountain I can almost see
your lonely windowsill.  They'll carry you off tonight.
There's a ghost in your old bedroom 
and a candle burning bright.

If I die tomorrow would this song live on forever?