*my reply*

I got your letter and the poems that you sent to me.
Postmarked in December of last year,
I really hope you're doing better,
all of your friends close by your side.
One step closer to recovery.

I wish there was something I could say
to erase each and every page that you've been through
even though it's not my place to save you.
I appreciate but can't accept this
thank you note that's sealed with your last breath,
I won't stand aside and listen to you give up.

If you'll just hold on for one more second.
Just hold on to what you have.
If you'll just hold on, just hold on.
You will wake up tomorrow.

These arms remain stretched out to you.
Maybe someday you'll accept them
or maybe it's too late to save
a young girl's heart that's long stopped breathing.

Wake up, wake up, you've gotta believe.
Wake up, wake up, you can't give up.
Time keeps going on without us
long after we're dead and gone.